Best Health insurance in New Jersey January 18, 2016

The passage of the Affordable Care Act was supposed to help everyone find the best health insurance in New Jersey at a price that everyone could afford – but that isn’t exactly how things have shaken out in reality.

Instead, a lot of people are really struggling to find quality health insurance in the state of New Jersey at a price point that isn’t going to break their budget completely. Sure, the Internet has made it easier and easier to track down health insurance options – and or the “health insurance marketplace” is a great place to start – but it could be (and should be) easier than it is.

Thankfully though, it doesn’t have to be almost impossible to find quality health insurance in New Jersey with the tips and tricks we are going to share with you below.

Let’s jump right in!

Make sure that you get in under the “open enrollment” timeframe

It is absolutely mission critical that you find and sign up for the best health insurance in New Jersey between November 15, 2015 and January 31, 2016, or you might not have the chance to apply for health insurance AT ALL for the rest of 2016 without a special exemption.


This could really throw a wrench into things if you need to visit the doctor or take care of an emergency medical procedure in the coming year, and is something that absolutely everyone without health insurance needs to be aware of before they dive right in.

Speak with health insurance counselors for assistance

Almost every single major medical facility in the United States (and just about all of them here in New Jersey) employees health insurance counselors that are going to be able to help you navigate the often times confusing world of health insurance in America today.

All you have to do is contact the closest hospital or major medical facility, ask for their health insurance counselor, and they will direct you to that office or connect you to those individuals immediately.

This health insurance counselor will talk to you about your specific situation, your income, and your needs, and will be able to come up with a plan of action to get you the best health insurance in New Jersey at a price point that isn’t ever going to cripple you financially.

This is a savvy move even for those that already have health insurance but are looking for a better deal!

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